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Chrysaora colorata (Russell 1964) Monterey Bay Aquarium

Our Aim


The Scyphozoan* Wiki is dedicated to integrating and disseminating information describing medusae currently, or previously, recognized as scyphozoans (* i.e. Scyphozoa, the sister taxon Cubozoa, and the enigmatic Staurozoa). Search Engine Optimization Consultant Link Building Service Cheap Web Hosting Link Building Service It is a venue for scyphozoan biologists of Gall Bladder Symptoms all kinds loan modification to present historical and modern knowledge, in clovis carpet cleaning simplified form, to non-specialists including aquarists, coastal managers, educators, fisheries biologists, students, and proposal software the interested general public, who may all have first hand experience with jellyfishes. We encourage contributions in the hope that The Scyphozoan* Wiki will become a regular repository for, and generator of, new information on this enigmatic top weight loss pills group.

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The Scyphozoan website, the precursor to The Scyphozoan Wiki, was Agora Gallery first published online in April 2003. The 6th, and final html, edition was published in August 2007 ювелирный интернет магазин. The seventh edition marked migration of The Scyphozoan compendium to The Scyphozoan Wiki and vending machines archiving of the original site with bibliography, a repository for published datasets, species key, and portal how to use iphone camera to project websites.

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The Scope

The class Scyphozoa: Coronatae, Semaeostomeae, Rhizostomeae and all members thereof. Also the Staurozoa (stauromedusae) and Cubozoa (cubomedusae). All attributes of these groups,church management software including their behaviour, biogeography, ecology, and evolution. The inter-relationships between animals, attributes, link building Kinect game weight loss pills and environment. iphone repair mississauga|iphone repair


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