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If you know of any good links, please let us know.



Cifonauta is a marine biology image database containing taxonomic classification, life stage, habitat, and other information.

Jellyfishes on the Encyclopedia of Life

Medusae - Ctenophores -

Cnidaria homepage

Links to many useful pages on Scyphozoa and Cubomedusae as well as to the other members of the Cnidaria: Anthozoa and Hydrozoa.

Cnidarian Tree of Life (CnidToL)

Contacts, data, and much more from the CnidToL project


Regularly updated searchable database reporting jellyfish sightings throughout the Gulf of Mexico.


An online reporting system for jellyfish sightings throughout the World.

Le portail d'observation de méduses en Méditerranée

An online reporting system for jellyfish sightings in France.

Introduction to Cubomedusae

A detailed description of many facets of the Cubomedusae.

Mapping sea-nettles in the Chesapeake Bay

Maps of probable sea nettle presence in the Chesapeake Bay

Jellyfish stings and more

Marine Life of India blog

Notes on the jellyfishes of southeastern India.

Medusozoa home page

An eclectic look at the medusae.

Midwater medusae

Impressive pictures of the enigmatic midwater gelatinous zooplankton (mostly Hydrozoa).

Proyecto Medusas

Immerse yourself in the world of Colombia's jellyfishes.


Studies on the prediction and control of jellyfish outbreaks (Japan).

The Jellies Zone

Information on scyphozoans and other gelatinous zooplankton. Some very strong pages on photography, and images to match. Links to related sites.

The Scyphozoan (archive)

Archive of the precursor to the Scyphozoan Wiki

The Tropical Australian Stinger Unit

Research and information on Cubomedusae.


ICZN world register of animal names.


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