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Class Scyphozoa

Order Coronatae

Scyphomedusae with the umbrella margin cleft into lappets; with a single mouth opening provided with simple lips; with sense organs (rhopalia) and solid marginal tentacles arising from clefts between the lappets; with a circular, coronal furrow in the exumbrella, and peripheral to this a zone of gelatinous thickenings (pedalia) divided by radiating clefts alternating in position with the tentacles and rhopalia.

Order Rhizostomeae

Scyphomedusae with umbrella margin cleft into lappets; without marginal tentacles; without a central mouth opening, but with numerous mouths upon eight adradial, fleshy, branched, arm-like appendages arising from the centre of the subumbrella; with rhopalia between marginal clefts.

Order Semaeostomeae

Scyphomedusae with umbrella margin cleft into lappets; without a coronal furrow and without pedalia; with (or without) hollow marginal tentacles and with marginal rhopalia; with a single central mouth opening provided with four large curtain-like or gelatinous lips; with gonads in sac-like folds of the endodermal wall of the subumbrella.