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<gallery widths="150px" perrow="4">  
<gallery widths="150px" perrow="4">  
Image:Cyanea_sp-26.jpg | Close-up of oral arms/ terminal clubs (Bottom Illum/ B. background).
Image:Cyanea_sp-28.jpg |  Close-up of oral arms/ terminal clubs (Bottom Illum/ Full trans).
Image:Cyanea_sp-27.jpg | Close-up of a single oral arm (Bottom Illum/ B. background).
Image:Cyanea_sp-29.jpg | Close-up of single oral arm (Bottom Illum/ Full trans).
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<gallery widths="150px" perrow="4">  
<gallery widths="150px" perrow="4">  
Image:Cyanea_sp-30.jpg | Close-up of Exumbrella Quadrant (Bottom Illum/ B. background).
Image:Cyanea_sp-31.jpg | Whole animal Exumbrella (Bottom Illum/ Full trans).

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!!!!!!!Work in progress!!!!!!!

Cyanea Sp 


1. Place jellyfish in a tank.

2. Lift up bell, oral arms to expose ends of manubrium.


1. Subumbrella up, tentacles/oral arms out.

- Measure Bell Diameter: ______________

- Measure Bell Thickness: 

  1. _______
  2. _______
  3. _______

2. Move tentacles/oral arms from quadrant.

3. Move oral arms to top in a group (reveal oral pillars)

- Measure depth of oral pillar: ______________

- Measure Height of oral pillar: ______________

- Measure the wide of oral pillar: ______________

4. Flip animal so exumbrella face up.

5. Count the tentacles of the first quadrant: ______________