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Create an Account

The first thing you should do in managing your Wiki is create a new account.

  • Click log in/create account in the upper-right-hand corner, and supply a username, password, and email address.
  • Check you email for a confirmation link to activate all features of your account.

Once your account is active, you can begin building you wiki!

Navigating Your Wiki

The Main Page - (Visit) - (Edit)
At the heart of your Wiki is the Main Page, which, if structured properly, will serve as the access hub to all of your articles and information. On it you should probably put a brief table of contents, or links to the most important routing pages in the Wiki (e.g., a table of contents may contain links to an "About Us" page, a list of the Orders of the Class Scyphozoa, a page with links to other important sites, or any number of things.)

Community Portal - (Visit) - (Edit)
The Community Portal is useful for getting your viewers involved with contributing to the site. You might want to post information about media you'd like for viewers to upload, or what kinds of contributions are helpful. This is also a good place to post link to other helpful informational sites about the subject at hand.

Current Events - (Visit) - (Edit)

Current events is a good place to put your news - any old news you like will do. Not the most ideal replacement for a blog though; you may wish to use a dedicated blog program instead. If not, a good way to denote posts is as follows:

My Post Title

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nam sed sem vel quam tempus cursus. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Nunc vel neque. Cras varius velit. Proin lacinia vulputate augue. Curabitur risus nunc, auctor vitae, semper nec, ultrices a, odio. Fusce ante leo, tincidunt ut, viverra nec, fringilla eget, nisi. Fusce dignissim, nulla at laoreet eleifend, mi erat hendrerit dolor, et ultrices sem odio lacinia eros. Curabitur euismod, risus dictum porta feugiat, dui nisl aliquam ante, posuere tincidunt ipsum pede vitae erat. Pellentesque et eros sed velit viverra dapibus. Aenean tellus libero, adipiscing ac, aliquam in, rhoncus vel, dui. Pellentesque facilisis vehicula velit.

--Admin 17:37, 20 August 2008 (UTC) (Signature/Date/Time attained by typing --~~~~ in the wiki editor.)

Recent Changes - (Visit)
The Recent Changes page is an automatically updated page that lists all changes, on all pages, made by any users, registered or anonymous. You can use it to track changes made to your Wiki and repair any vandalism.