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SEO - Increases Website Traffic

SEO in plain words known as Search Engine Optimization, and is defined as technique to improvise the visibility of website or web page in any search engine carried out under legal and technical tools.

There are certain ways to do so which are either organic or come under algorithmic configuration of search results and mostly depend on the mentality and common words used by people to search information on internet with SEO Services.

In the competitive world everyone wants their presence to be felt in virtual world to gain most out of the available resources. Getting your website or webpage listed in the top search results is also a part of search engine marketing (SEM) and leading more traffic to your website.

In order to get the website in top rankings a SEO enthusiast has to deeply study the mentality of search engine users and working of search engines. Optimization of a particular website is done by editing its content along with relevant HTML coding which increases the ranking of website and also by incorporating specific keywords and removing certain barriers of index activities which are enrooted under search engine. Some of the enthusiasts also use back linking, cross linking and inbound links to get similar results. As every coin has two sides SEO also can be dome in fair and unfair ways all the above mentioned ways fall under fair categories called as White hat where as by unfair ways one can optimize the website by Black hat, which involves link farms, spinning of articles and stuffing of keywords. Both of these techniques give similar results but one is standing on the legal side of the shore and remaining one stands on opposite side.

Previously optimizing the website was a job of webmasters, who were providing algorithms and meta tags or index files to available search engines. This process proved to be hectic and often misleading results were provided as manipulative meta tags were abundantly provided by these webmasters. After the relevant revision of techniques and algorithmic charts or to be specific after rise of Google in 1998 there were systematic changes in SEO. Google followed the off page and on page factors which were omitted by previous search engines.

Currently there are many search engines on internet but the most popular like Google, Yahoo and Bing are targeted more by SEO professionals and the type of ranking algorithm they are using still remains unknown.

The common methods used by these professionals are dependent on crawlers and robots playing important role in indexing the algorithmic search results. Relevance and prominence of certain website is kept intact by adding relevant keywords in the Meta data of the web page. Also one of the common techniques include normalizing the URL of certain website which is made accessible via numerous URL’s carried out by ‘canonical’ meta tag or by 301 redirects which makes sure that all the URL’s linked count for popularity and ranking of the website.

Leading search engines like Google has provided Google guidelines, Yahoo has provided Yahoo Site Explorer and Bing has provided Bing Toolbox giving fair chances to all the SEO professionals for optimizing their websites in tangible ways.

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